Funny Famous Quotes About Life Rare Collection

Here comes the Funny Famous Quotes About Life Rare Collection.Some people like short quotes some people life love quotes but among those people there are some wise people who are looking for the famous quotes because they know that if something is famous then there is something good in that thing. Enjoy these Funny Famous Quotes About Life Rare Collection and share with your friends.

Funny Famous Quotes About Life

Funny Famous Quotes About Life
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The first day one is a guest, the second a burden, and the third a pest. Jean de la Bruyere

I don’t believe in angels, no. But I do have a wee parking angel. It’s on my dashboard and you wind it up. The wings flap and it’s supposed to give you a parking space. It’s worked so far. Billy Connolly

How long was I in the army? Five foot eleven. Spike Milligan

I have never been hurt by what I have not said. Calvin Coolidge

My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. Woody Allen

TV is chewing gum for the eyes. Frank Lloyd Wright

I sang in the choir for years, even though my family belonged to another church. Paul Lynde

When you’re eight years old nothing is your business. Lenny Bruce

I wish the government would put a tax on pianos for the incompetent. Edith Sitwell

I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it. Unknown

Trust is hard to come by. That’s why my circle is small and tight. I’m kind of funny about making new friends. Eminem

It sounds funny, but my biggest fear is that I’m not perfect. I’m a perfectionist, and I get upset when things go wrong or when I don’t do well. Nick Jonas

You know the funny thing, I don’t get along with rich people. I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people. Donald Trump

Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else. Will Rogers

There’s nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you’re insightful about it. Dennis Miller

There is nothing in the world that I loathe more than group activity, that communal bath where the hairy and slippery mix in a multiplication of mediocrity. Vladimir Nabokov

Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf. Lewis Mumford

Life was a funny thing that happened to me on the way to the grave. Quentin Crisp

Why is Cloud 9 so amazing? What is wrong with Cloud 8? That joke came off the top of my head, and the top of my head ain’t funny! Mitch Hedberg

And remember, it’s also very funny, because side by side with grief lies joy. Fran Drescher

Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf. Lewis Mumford

Someone told me that when they go to Vermont, they feel like they’re home. I’m that way at Saks. Caroline Rhea

A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, ‘At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas.’ Claude Pepper

My uncle Sammy was an angry man. He had printed on his tombstone: What are you looking at? Margaret Smith

Every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint. Don Marquis

I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me. Warren Buffett

It is even harder for the average ape to believe that he has descended from man. H. L. Mencken

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who would want to live in an institution? H. L. Mencken

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving. Erma Bombeck

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